You Are Not A Gang Member… But!!!


Being involved in a gang often comes with a set of thoughts and behaviors that can be negative and harmful. However, these thoughts and behaviors can manifest in individuals who aren't formally part of a gang. For example: 

Adopting gang-related attitudes: Some people who aren't gang members might still adopt the same attitudes, such as aggression, mistrust of authority, or a sense of loyalty to a group, even if it's not a gang. Engaging in criminal behavior: Individuals not in gangs can still engage in criminal activities like violence, drug dealing, or vandalism, either due to personal circumstances, peer pressure, or exposure to a certain environment.

Seeking validation through negative means: Gang members often seek validation through negative actions or behaviors. Similarly, individuals outside of gangs might also seek validation through risky or antisocial behaviors to gain acceptance or respect from a certain group.

Experiencing trauma or adverse circumstances: Many gang members come from backgrounds of trauma, poverty, or neglect. Similarly, individuals who aren't in gangs but face similar hardships might develop coping mechanisms or behaviors that mirror those of gang members.

Influence of media and culture: The portrayal of gang culture in media, music, and other forms of entertainment can influence individuals' thoughts and behaviors, even if they are not directly involved in gangs.

In essence, the thoughts and behaviors associated with gangs can stem from various factors like environment, personal experiences, and influences, and they can be present in individuals regardless of their formal gang membership status. Therefore if you feel you identify with any of the behaviors G.A. is the solution for you. Find a meeting or buy a book. Learn how to work the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of G.A. and make those changes in your life. We will save a seat for you in our Fellowship and if no one has told you they love you today. WE at G.A. love you!


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