We can relate to where they have been and who they’ve become. We listen closely at meetings and become willing to apply what we hear to our own lives. As we begin to believe that there is hope for us, we also begin to trust the process of recovery. As we move on to Step Two, the need for  honesty becomes essential. Open mindedness and willingness follow very close behind. With these three components, we can rest assured we are headed in the right direction. 

There is one thing more than anything else that will defeat us in our recovery; this is an attitude of indifference or intolerance toward spiritual principles. In most cases, we will not become perfectly honest, open-minded, nor willing. What we can do is listen and learn from other recovering gangsters how they began to believe. Most of us become willing to try this method out of sheer fatigue from our gangster ways. We became convinced that our willpower was not enough. Maybe G.A can if we let it.

Insanity is a word we once used with pride. We lived to prove its validity in most everything. Some hated this feeling, which made many more ferocious. Then still others embraced their insanity simply because it had been such a  familiar position. 

Whatever the case, our perceptions were not based on reality. We saw the world as the enemy. Some of us withdrew physically and had little, if any, contact with anyone. We often lived life as if everything were great. Nothing could ever penetrate our emotions. 

"We ignored or didn’t believe the truth which was staring us in the face."

Physically some of us worked out aggressively and became massive in size, while still others withdrew and became more devious. Either way, we ended up feeling isolated. If not for our physical size and strength, we were ostracized because of our shifty, swift, and slick character. 

We ignored or didn’t believe the truth which was staring us in the face. We continued to do the same things, expecting a different outcome. What makes this worse is the fact we continued to live life gangster regardless of the negative experiences. In spite of the danger signs that our lives were out of control, we continued to live life gangster. All too often, the result was we could no longer face ourselves. When we take a realistic look at our life, there can be no doubt that we desperately need a restoration to sanity. However we decide to comprehend the word "recovery", most of us agree a change is needed. This change must be to the point as to where our gangster's mentality and our insanity no longer controls our life. Regaining sanity is a day-to-day job. We begin to see progress in different  areas of our lives.