Receiving books, magazines or newspapers is a gift that can be enjoyed for days and even sometimes weeks after an inmate gets them. Sending books and magazines to an inmate is fairly simple. Almost all institutions will allow inmates to receive books (with the exception of temporary classification and diagnostic institutions), but they stipulate that they need to come directly from the publisher. What does that mean 'from the publisher'? Simply put, it means you can order them from (must not be used or from third party sellers).

Some key things about ordering books are they must come NEW, and must be paperback. If they are hardcover they will be rejected. If they are used they will be rejected. If they are not from a publisher like amazon and you send them yourself in a box they will be rejected! Ordering books for an inmate through Amazon is easy, you just have to make sure that you select ship by USPS and that you ship it to the inmate's mailing address. Put the inmate's first name and last name followed by the inmate's ID number in the name line of the shipping address (John Doe, 12345). If you are unsure of this information utilize our inmate search feature, or call the facility directly for this information. Be sure to enter facility name and the address that inmate mail is received at (which may not be the same as the physical address). For example, if I were sending an inmate items who is incarcerated at Ulster Correctional Facility I would address it as follows:

John Doe, 12345

Ulster Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 800

Napanoch, New York XXXXX0800

Magazines and newspapers can be ordered the same way, through amazon and using the same method at checkout we highlighted above. Just remember to be tasteful. The institution will not allow adult content magazines like Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler....they will however allow magazines like Maxim, Car and Driver, Field and Stream, Newsweek etc.

Some important things to remember when sending books, magazines or newspapers to an inmate:

  • Do not send more then 3 books at a time

  • All books must be new and soft cover (no hardcover or spiral bound for security reasons)

  • Always ship USPS

  • Use the inmate's name and ID number with the facility mailing address

  • Inmates in solitary cannot