When the Jig is Up

Gangster Anonymous Meeting 
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Gangsters Anonymous Meeting 
Los Angeles, CA 90008


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Everyone hates to admit when the Jig Is Up. Most everyone, of course fights this reality at first. Every natural instinct cries out against the idea of powerlessness. It is truly awful to admit that, fully gangstered out, we have warped our minds into such an obsession to commit crimes that only act of Divine Intervention can remove it from us. No other kind of bankruptcy is like this one. Someone has unleashed an unsettling piece of information, which now shows how crime becomes the greedy creditor, bleeds us of all independence and all will to resist its demands.

Psychologists’ term for this, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Recovering gangsters have come to understand that many of them has lived through some type of traumatic experience. This experience was the catalyst to their contracting of a mental disorder simply considered a criminal mentality.

Gangsters Anonymous

Once this stark fact is understood, our inability to have human concerns will begin to surface. After entering recovery we begin to understand the layers of this complex mental disorder. We become convinced that only through waving the white flag of surrender are we able to take our first steps toward freedom, justice, and the cure. Our admissions of personal powerlessness finally turns to be firm bricks upon which happy and purposeful ways of living may be built.

We know little good can come to any gangster or criminal who joins the G.A. Fellowship unless he or she first accepts their devastating disease and all its problems. Until he or she humbles themselves their crime-free will be incomplete. Real happiness will be constantly fleeting. Proved beyond doubt by immense experiences, this is one of the facets of being a recovering gangster.

The wrinkle that we shall find no enduring strength until we first admit…The Jig is Up! The main root from which our whole fellowships has sprung and flourished.

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