The Code


the code

the code

As a direct result of our choices, conditions, and choices of our guardians we, unfortunately, have found ourselves caught in an atmosphere plagued with a criminal disease. Unlike many in the same environment, we, unfortunately, contracted this disease in a major way.

As we displayed its symptoms, we began to find ourselves wrongfully charged, and often in and out of prisons. There are those whose disease never developed aggressively. They are the fortunate ones.

The Code is a symptom of this incredibly contagious disease. Its signs are known by all. If the code is not avoided by the recovering gangsters, it is known to bring pain and in some cases death. Our members have lived this reality successfully and have come to find the only real cure is avoidance. Our solution is very simple but difficult for most.  

Gangsters Anonymous

We learn to cut our apron strings with others actively participating in their disease. Visiting the contagious area periodically can cause serious negative results. The curiosity of what goes on while we are away can be suicidal. Our awareness of the Code is our defense against its wrath.

When it appears we remove ourselves from the area smoothly. Our cure comes with time and a reputation for avoidance. As long as we stay distant from crime and those participating, our chances of becoming a victim of it diminish. We are street poisoned individuals searching for the antidote, a crime-free life.

G.A. Global Services Inc.

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