So obviously Recovering as gangsters we are criminally insane. When actively participating in crime, normal society wants us gone. Life is a game of chess, with the right move normal society can eliminate as many of our pieces by forcing us to merck each other faster than normal. In some areas we are protected by high rise buildings. So drive bys being the quick ultimate game move. The evil in politicians and law enforcement would force us away from our high rise and into street level dwellings. Now our enemies from BOTH sides can mask up and begin the process of mass elimination with the dreaded Los Angeles drive bys. Remember a mask man or woman doesn’t always have to be a rival gang. 

Street Level

There are evil normies and police who may need to recognize their own criminal insanity as well. By living gangster we subject our families and spouses to death and heart ache. As recovering gang members we know there are certain things we cant and dont do. In order to "How to survive in South Central" never slippin is fundamental. We slip when we sit on front porches. We slip when we visit girls from rival neighborhoods. We slip when we drink heavily or do drugs. We slip when we don’t respect death. The word gangster is bigger than all of us. We must remove ourselves from HOT environments, even if it means uprooting our families to a strange yet comfortable environment. Sometimes we do this by finding menial employment in good communities and living in motels for a year or two. Our families are safe and so are we. We work hard and get there on time. We follow orders and guidelines as if we were where we should be anyway (prison). Sometimes we have to ask ourselves...Where would I like to be while in prison? In a nice community or Rykers Island? We are going to do time for our behavior in the past, we don’t have to do it and leave our families unprotected and heart broken.

 Once there we begin the process of Crime Free Living. NO MATTER WHAT! We already know how to live the life of a gangster. What we don’t know is how to be a buster. (Non Gangster/square). We must learn to be versatile. Its a poor rat that only has one hole. Open your mind to the World of the regular guy/girl. Read Gangsters Anonymous 12 Steps and 12 Traditions go to meetings. If there aren’t any in your Safe Zone.. START ONE. Its a beautiful thing to get to live 2 lifestyles in 1 lifetime. Enjoy crimefree life. The road is bumpy. Yet the hugs from family and friends feel great and makes it all worth it in the end of each day.

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