As recovering gangsters we are often targeted by many career minded individuals, which could make relapse appear automatic, there will be laws that are written which will make it difficult for us to live crime free lives. there will be songs and movies written and designed specifically in a manner which ridicules those of us who have chosen to live crime free.

Many of us will begin to feel that newcomers weakness. We often say and think, "I'll show them' or " If they only knew". These are the times when our sponsors play a major role in our lives. We call our sponsors or another recovering gangster and share our uneasiness. Living life a minute at a time, a problem at a time and being patient with people whose higher power plays a lessor role in their lives becomes a great coping skill for the recovering gangster. 

We know today we don't have to bite when the die is cast for our crime free failure. We learn to identify those weapons pointed at us and smoothly move out of their way. We are crime free today and very happy with our new way of thinking. 


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