Gangsters Anonymous Global Service Inc.


The specific purpose of this corporation is to help men and women begin to lead a “gangster free” lifestyle. Through our daily meetings, our primary focus is to help them develop an awareness of the complete problems and issues related to their behavior and link them to resources (jobs, anger management classes. parenting classes, substance abuse programs, etc) in order to recover from their current lifestyles. Gangsters Anonymous Global Service Inc. is designed to help the participants manage and balance their lives. develop awareness of how and or why they remain in the vicious cycle of being a gangster, and set a foundation of support for them to understand and appreciate the level of motivation needed for them to change. This is a program of complete abstinence from all things gangster, ie, fighting, assault and battery, distancing themselves from extortion and extortionists, and eliminating all other forms of illegal behavior. Helping men and women recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind to become productive citizens.


To eliminate a gangsters mentality in the recovering gangster without bias or prejudice, and to create a therapeutic environment where one gangster helping another is found to be unparalleled.

•  To maintain an environment of complete recovery from all things gangster
•  To promote the appreciation of non-gangster individuals
•  To educate the recovering gangster about the ramifications of his or her past actions and the obstacles he or she must be aware of in the future
•  To create an international fellowship forum of recovering men and women who live one day at a time free from a gangsters lifestyle
•  To help integrate gangster-free individuals back into society.


Instruct individuals in methods that will provide a service to the public interest in useful subjects toward self-improvement.

Develop full potential, positive capabilities, personal life and business trade skills.

Through literature furnished, serve to educate prisoners about the mental illness recognized as a gangsters mentality.

Links in business opportunities that will serve to establish income opportunities for the individual members as gangster mentality counselors.

Incorporate the 12 Steps and I2 Traditions in our everyday life, beginning with Step One and continuing to Step 12 then moving on to Tradition One and continuing on to Tradition l2.