Now I Understand

When I arrived, trembling and terrified, at my first meeting, I thought I no longer

believed in anything. What a miracle that was, after one talk with my sponsor and one meeting, I could have hope in G.A.! This hope kept me coming to meetings and gradually grew into a true belief that G.A. had all the answers for me, that, if I would be willing and try, I could stay CRIME FREE—one day at a time. However, I found that this involved the effort to practice the program. Once my belief in G.A. had been established, it became apparent that all Twelve Steps were important to my continuing a CRIME FREE life..

But I was stymied on the Third Step, with its reference to “the care of God.” So I

went around it, knowing I must return to it, and tackled the Fourth Step. Slowly

and painfully, I became aware of myself. I began to see it wasn’t true that I didn’t believe in anything. Rather, I had believed in the wrong things. Now I understand..

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