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The process of recovery from a criminal mindset is strenuous. What we as recovering gangsters have realized is...just removing ourselves from crime and or criminals isn’t half of what must be done to escape the wrath of the disease. Many successfully removed themselves from the neighborhood only to find their demise at work or play. What we failed to remember...some people don’t forget. What we thought

had happened... didn’t. We actually thought man had forgiven us for the pain and loss they incurred. Just because WE had a spiritual awakening doesn’t mean every one else has had that same awakening. So we must utilize the same protective manuevers we used while imbedded in our disease. Many are creatures of habit. That must cease and desist. Having the World know your every move can be detrimental to your a recovering gangster. Take different routes to and from work. Visit family and friends on unusual days. Be smart with the

second chance God has gifted you. Movement is so very important in our recovery programs. Bus stops are a necessary evil in the beginning. We can stand a quiet distance from the actual stop and not miss our bus. We don’t have to be upfront and highly visual. When we do accept notoriety through entertainment or other means we should always hire or appoint a personal security agent for our protection. One thing for sure we can never ever think we are bigger than the word gangster. The disease will always win.

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Zoom Meeting: Mon - Fri 5:00-7:00 pm

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