Message To Female Gangster

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Do You Only Date Men Who Have Been Institutionalized?

Are You In It For The Come Up Only?

Are You The Reason More Than 5 Men Are In Prison?

Although You Are Not A Model, Your Look Is For Sale?

Are You Gangster For Life?

Do Youknow All The Gangsters But Don’t Consider Yourself One? How Many Of Your 'ex's Are Deceased?

As women, we lived behind the iron curtain of our counterparts. We have hidden and participated in every form of the gangsters' lifestyle, but we have not yet identified ourselves as gangsters. We know within our innermost selves we suffer from the same mental attraction to this life as men, 

But we could not admit it to ourselves. We felt we could not embarrass our selves. We feared losing our children, our jobs, and the little respect our friends and family held for us. In some cases, we shared our love for all things gangster with our children which lead them to prison time and time again. We forced our friends and children to protect us from those we know we had harmed.   

By living life gangster we destroyed our chances with education, recreation, and employment. We lived in homes under siege from ourselves, or our boyfriends or husbands. Our children lived a life of horror and perversion in some cases. Until we found other women who had found a new way of life, we thought we were hopeless and doomed to live the life of a gangster.