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The process by which beliefs, norms, social roles, values, or certain modes of behaviour are embedded in an organisation, a social system, or a society as a whole is called institutionalization. These concepts are said to be institutionalized when they are sanctioned and internalised within a group or a society. This improved perception of humility starts

another revolutionary change in our outlook. Our eyes begin to open to the immense values which have come straight out of painful ego puncturing. Until now, our life have been largely devoted to running from pain and problems. We fled from them as from a plague. 


We never wanted to deal with the fact of suffering. Escape via the Code or better yet instionalization was always our solution. Character building through suffering might be all right for saints, but it certainly didn’t appeal to us. Then, in G.A., we looked and listened. Everywhere we saw failure and misery transformed by humility into priceless assets. We heard story after story of how humility had brought strength out of weakness. 

In every case, pain had been the price of admission into a new life. But this admission price had purchased more than we expected. It brought a measure of humility, which we soon discovered to be a healer of pain. We began to fear pain less, and desire humility more than ever. That humility turned into years of freedom from active criminal behavior. We woke up and realized we had become productive members of society. 

G.A. Global Services Inc.

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