How it All Began





How it all began

From the inception of the idea that only a gangster can help another gangster can help another gangster the pendulum has swung from one Community Based Organization to another. Although periods of quiet time were often established, gang crime and violent crimes quickly returned to the inner city neighborhoods.

A truce established in the late eighties and again in the early nineties had a great impact on the crime rate for more than a year or two. Following the short period of peace the return to crimes or retaliation and turf reestablished themselves.

This time in many more area and neighborhoods than before. The cry came out for another truce, another Stop the Violence march another major attack on anyone appearing to be gangster. "This killing of the youth must stop!" replied mothers and fathers from all areas of Los Angeles California as well as other cities and states.

In December of 2002, a few recovering members of this terrible mindset  decided to share with the world that has worked for them. A twelve-step fellowship such as alcoholics Anonymous. They battled the idea amongst each other and agreed most gangsters will refuse to identify themselves as

alcoholics. A question came their way, "Is everyone who drinks an alcoholic?" Of course "NO!" was the answer. So some gangsters do drink but moderately and responsibly, Now came the term addict. Are we all addicted to this life-destroying sickness? Some may say yes and some came with such a powerful argument that the founders had to acknowledge their response, "I was raised this away and I know of no other way to live or think," the continued, "I am not addicted this is who I am."

Gangsters Anonymous

They agreed not all can identify themselves as addicted people. They voted and all agreed the one term they all agree with, the one term the world labels them. Gangsters. Recognizing this mindset is the problem, the Gangsters Anonymous Fellowship was born. 

As recovering gangsters we find joy in living life crime free, a term close to the one used in our active days ("sucka free" !). In its comparison, we stay away from all things criminal, just like we stayed away from all things sucka related. We find today although; we are crime free, we are still alienated by non-gangsters. We are still denied employment opportunities. We know it will take time for our community to welcome us home. So in unity, we come together to stay crime free until that day.

No Matter What!

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