Holding It Down

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Holding It Down
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Yeah man we be holding that shit down. The words themselves constitute the crab theory. Let’s look at it a different way. I’m holding down a good job. Really? The operative word is down. Aren’t we all trying to move upward. Isn’t the game of life about success or something similar. As gang members we are constantly sought out to secure square dominance over an particular region. Holding shit down is a tool used by some politicians to keep their political interests alive.  

Their income is dependent upon it. Once we get involved we become the problem yet they get paid. We constantly hear each other claiming blocks, whole neighborhoods and cities. Wonder where this theory arrived? POLITICS. So today as recovering gangsters we Don’t hold anything down. We build everything up! We don’t allow our dominant personalities to be purchased for a pimps position. In other words we don’t get pimped by people playing politics. Whether that game is played at home, work or in the playground.

We back out and move forward. It’s best to be cordial and eliminate yourself than to buck up and confront the problematic person seeking dominance through you. Sorry I’m not interested. Don’t be surprised when the next active gangster takes the job and the plan is initiated. That may happen. We aren’t here to fix the worlds problems. We are only here to fix ourselves. Stay humble and maneuver around the political landscape. Remember the old saying. Politics produce strange bedfellows.  

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