This is the sort of fundamental inquiry that can disclose the source of your discomfort and can indicate whether you Are able to alter your own conduct and so adjust yourself serenely to self-discipline. Suppose a particular insecurity Constantly aroused the same feeling again and again. You can ask to what extent your own mistakes have fed your Gnawing anxieties or, if the action of others is part of the cause, what can you do about that? If you are unable to Change the present state of affairs, are you willing to take the measures necessary to shape your life to conditions As they are?


  • What kind of relationship did your mother have with her parents?

  • What kind of relationship did your father have with his parents?

  • Were you wanted at birth?

  • Write out the circumstances of your family at the time of your birth. Things such as: family size,

Age differences, and financial status. Was there laughter? Arguing? Depression? Were other relatives or people living with you?

  • In general, describe what you think your family thought of you. Did you feel your parents’ attitude

Toward you was different than other parents’ toward their children? How old were you at the birth of your brothers and sisters? How did you feel about the new arrivals? Was either of your parents sick enough to require hospitalization? Were you separated from any important family members? Was there fear or guilt about this separation, in other words, did you feel responsible?

Gangsters Anonymous 4th Step Inventory

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