Gangsters Rap

Gangsta rap is often described as a

criminally intoxicating form of musical

expression (something like verbal gin or  whiskey).  Unlike its original form of expression known as hip hop, gangsta rap  can be considered a motivating factor in an individuals desire to commit crimes. It often takes the individual who suffers from a criminal mentality deep into his or her subconscious and informs and entices unnecessary criminal activity. Todays groups have gone to greater extremes and incorporated Satanic verses which have now created child sacrifices. Unacceptable in so many ways.

We at the global services head office are concerned with the suffering gangster, how this form of musical expression affects the non gangster is not of our concern, although  we do wish the best for everyone.

As recovering gangsters, we are learning to  recognize our criminal triggers. We find gangsta rap as outlets for pains and visions of a reality we have all experienced at one 

time or another. Still, others act out in the  directions of what they see and hear. We must remember as recovering men and women with the mentality of a criminal, nothing is more important than our freedom. 

Music is entertainment, nothing more than a  good movie with a lot of action. We must not watch a karate movie and then go outside and kick the mailman. Music and movies are 

written to entertain not mimic. Especially  chainsaw scenes. We need freedom to work in any area. We desire freedom to show those we love affection and patience. Therefore, some must abstain from incorporating this form of musical expression into their recovery until they can learn to control their need to commit their 

crimes of choice. We find those with solid  foundations in their recovery enjoy this form of musical expression. 


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Members of gangsters anonymous with years of recovery envision many recovering gangsters will opt to become rap artists. We not only appreciate their courage, we encourage each member to follow their dreams. 

Our sincere appreciation to those many men and women who perform the artistic forms of a musical expression known as gangsta rap.

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