Gangster immigrant

We come to America and find times are difficult for Non European people. We began to notice good work hard to find. We often find jobs being offered are less important than the jobs we filled in our home country. Although we find work beneficial in comparison to our previous jobs in our home country we still have an attraction to gangster life We become embedded. Most often.. many of us had been part of criminal organizations. Having the style of anger incorporated with this mental disorder many never considered this way of life to be ill.


We realized this even more so after coming to GA. We began to understand that living life criminally isn't smart or lucrative for us. We found it to be depressing and confining. It placed us in environments like prisons and violent communities. After working the steps, our life became serene, comfortable and encouraging. People began to offer hope and encouragement and life became fulfilling. One day at a time we stayed crime-free and great things began to happen

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