As members of the club that identifies itself as one percent of the World that doesn’t want to obey the laws and rules of society, we find ourselves in a strange reality. We are not criminally insane. We are not street thugs in most cases we are simple men and women who come together to enjoy life as we see life. The only problems we encounter are ones from our everyday inability to accept life on life terms. This position in life often opens many of us to reaction crimes. A few of us have income issues. We tend to search for illegal means of making money.


That search often appears as drug dealing prostitution and or petty crimes of robbery. Our brushes with law enforcement often aggravate this push to break even more laws. Then there we are in full criminal mode. After living years after years of this merry go round some become fed up. Gangsters anonymous is a program for men and women who are ready to make a change but mentally cannot. After each attempt to move on we keep falling right.

Back into our perception of life that keeps us breaking laws. We see many other bikers enjoying family and friends without the need for criminal behavior something we would love to be a part of but escapes us each time. Until we found the 12 steps of gangsters anonymous, we thought we were doomed to live the life of a criminal biker forever. After reading the literature and having meetings while working the 12 steps of g.A. Our lives have become promising. Our families have opened their arms to us again and we find ourselves being happy joyous and free. But for the grace of God our lives have finally changed for the good.

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