Of course not, but you would be, lying to yourself, not to admit the idea of crime free living just feels too overwhelming. Many newcomers couldn’t imagine going without representing their gang for the rest of their lives. Would it ruin their social life? Would they ever have any fun again? Some attempted to just cut back, to avoid going completely crime free. It didn’t work out how they hoped it would. At first, some managed to reduce their banging by a few days a week. Within just a few weeks though, they were back to claiming as much as ever. After many half baked attempts at moderation failed, we finally realized that we needed to become crime free.

Am I Too Young To Quit Banging?

For many their first attempt at crime free living showed how little they knew when it came to movement and crime free living. They didn’t know where to begin. Some ended up scheduling appointments with psychologists. He or she may help talk someone through some of their problems yet in most cases they will recommend that they join a recovery group.

Those who live in small cities may be surprised to find out that there were no Gangsters Anonymous meetings in town. Don’t panic go to find a Zoom meeting and attend. One of the first things many will notice about a G. A. meeting is that the average age may appear decades older than their own. At 18, many of us walked into the meetings as the youngest person in the room. Even in the meetings geared towards young people, most of the others were at least in their late twenties. Those doubts about being too young to get crime free disappeared when others shared their stories about trying early and succeeding. 

Am I Too Young To Quit Banging?

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