Am I Sick Wit It?

Gangster Anonymous Meeting

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Am I Sick Wit It?

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Am I Sick Wit It?

We come to meetings from all walks of life. We were criminals from early childhood. Some were the offspring of super successful parents. There are those who have come to our meetings blind to the idea that they were criminal least alone anything close to gangster. That soon changed when a question was presented; “What percentage of people in America is criminal?” Ask yourself this question. Ask a number of different people, do a survey of your own. You’ll find out how much of an island you’ve been living on. It's very lonely we know.

Gangster Anonymous

Many entered our first meeting after a nudge from the judge. Some only needed our friends and family members concern for our safety as well as their own. This incredibly lucky recovering gangster was blessed to have had a friend who truly cared and wanted to see them happy. Our disease is intelligent, strong-willed, and very slick. It protects us from others while it kills us internally. It creeps into our relationships with our loved ones and overpowers them with control.

It directs us to feed off anything criminal and most things gangster related. It hides in our anger issues. Constantly smiling as we maneuver through classes geared at helping us control our emotions.Our disease knows very well anger has nothing to do with being gangster sick. We are criminally programmed to react a certain way during a certain event. Practicing the G.A. 12 Steps has had great results. Our fellowship realizes the solution now lies in the hand of each individual. We advocate recovery for the gangster sick man or woman.